Food at SUN MARINE ® Medical & Spa Resort is healthy and balanced. Our nutritionists have specially developed a diet that will allow you to enrich your body with all the necessary macro- and microelements, a mineral-vitamin complex and a balanced combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in accordance with your individual needs.

The restaurant prepares a menu using the best Mediterranean and Asian healthy food recipes.

Each guest of the hotel undergoes a consultation with a nutritionist for an individual prescription for the type of food. 

Food types:

  • classic healthy food
  • dietary
  • sport diet
  • detox food
  • juice treatment. 

The treatment and recovery program for each guest includes a special meal, which consists of healthy and light meals, which are prepared in accordance with the principles of healthy nutrition.

During the day, the Bar sells healthy juices and tonic drinks, and hosts wine parties with tasting of various collection wines. 


Wake up and breathe in the fresh sea air, go out to the terrace with a cup of coffee, enjoy the view from the Sun Marine Hotel-Resort.

Only here the sun and the sea are so close to each other.

Only here is there a special warm light that saturates you with healing air and vitamin D.

You instantly want to straighten your shoulders ...

During the day, take therapeutic baths overlooking the sea ... In the evening, dine to the sound of the waves ... Where else is there such an opportunity to combine treatment and aesthetic pleasure! 

After that, correct your figure in the gym overlooking the sea, then swim in His Majesty - the Black Sea itself, and then dive into a fresh pool and swim a sports distance with a countercurrent.

And then, pretty tired, go for a luxurious Ayurvedic massage at the Aroma Spa SHANTI, to relax and forget your worries ...

Return completely refreshed and peaceful …

After a massage, you can entertain yourself with a small talk and a hookah in the lounge bar. Dine in an eco-restaurant and sit by the sea contemplating the beauty of eternity ...

And this is only the 1st day ...

The second day may be remembered forever. Try something bold. For your health, go to the maximum - find out what stem cells are and order yourself the coolest spa treatment to preserve and rejuvenate your stem cells.

Then rush for more - go to WaterSports to ride the sport - windsurfing, kayaking, SUP-surfing - let the adrenaline ripple through your body.

And in the evening, try a wine tasting set at the Sun Marine restaurant, because life needs to be savoring to the fullest.

The rest of the days will pass quickly and deliciously at the same time. Every day will be like a dream - soft, relaxed and happy!

Wellness with joy!

You will remember your stay for a lifetime and it will pull you here again! 

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