In the sanatorium SUN MARINE ® Medical & Spa Resort has developed a course for back health.

The HEALTHY BACK program includes special procedures and exercises designed to help restore mobility, improve posture, relieve pain in the lower back, neck and back. Classes are held under the guidance of experienced professionals.

According to statistics, each of us, at least once in his life, had a sore back. There are many reasons that affect back pain, and in each case requires an individual approach.

In the recovery program:

  • exercise therapy
  • yoga rehabilitation
  • kinesitherapy
  • therapeutic massages
  • water training with stretching
  • hydrotherapy with countercurrent in the pool
  • walks
  • water sports
  • gymnastics and breathing exercises
It offers comfortable rooms of levels from Standard to Suite with sea view, green area of the sanatorium with its own beach for hiking and climatotherapy, two swimming pools, a gym, and delicious balanced food.

In our sanatorium it is possible to have a rest and to recover all family, in particular, with small children. All conditions for full rest, treatment and rehabilitation are created.

For free treatment and rejuvenation, you can book babysitting services per hour at the SUN MARINE Resort Hotel (for children from 3 years old).

The cost of programs from 200 euros/week.

* Prices are in euros for guests from Europe. Payment is made in UAH at the rate of the NBU at the time of payment. 

The sea heals everything! 


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