SUN MARINE ® Medical & Spa Resort offers a 100% LIFE program for complete recovery and drive.

The program is designed for those who want to relax and recharge their batteries, using programs of spa relaxation, recovery and active recreation with WindSurfing Club & WaterSports Center SUN MARINE ®.

In the LIFE program 100%: 

  • SPA treatments with wonderful massages
  • swimming in a counter-current pool
  • hydromassages in aroma baths with sea views
  • swimming in the sea
  • sunbathing on the beach
  • windsurfing and sailing lessons
  • walks along the bay on boats, canoes, kayaks
  • riding on sap-boards and jet skis!
  • walks by the sea
  • yoga and meditation

Have a good rest! Forces are fully restored! 100% energy!

The program includes a special diet, it consists of healthy and light meals prepared in accordance with the principles of healthy eating.
It offers: comfortable rooms of levels from Standard to Suite with sea view, green area of the sanatorium with its own beach for hiking and climatotherapy, two swimming pools, gym, and delicious balanced food.

In our sanatorium it is possible to have a rest and to recover all family, in particular, with small children. All conditions for full rest, treatment and rehabilitation are createditation.

For free treatment and rejuvenation, you can book babysitting services per hour at the SUN MARINE Resort Hotel (for children from 3 years old).

The cost of programs - from 200 euros/week.

* Prices are in euros for guests from Europe. Payment is made in UAH at the rate of the NBU at the time of payment.

The sea heals everything! 


Learn how to relax and choose the right medical program for your needs