The SUN MARINE ® Medical & Spa Resort program for complete organic and psycho-emotional detoxification MIND & BODY DETOX provides cleansing and removal of endotoxins and exotoxins that accumulate in the body due to improper nutritionand lifestyle (daily routine, diet and eating disorders), environmental factors, sedentary lifestyle.

Are you complaining that you have no or little energy at all? Do you often get tired? Has your activity decreased? Has your sex life lost its intensity? Are you all annoyed or at least not happy? All these are manifestations of weakness of the body due to excess toxins.
The word "detox" is usually associated with a weakened physical condition and emotional exhaustion. But most sanatoriums cleanse only the body, without touching on psycho-emotional cleansing, which is the root cause of somatic changes at the physical level. Both of these levels of detoxification should always be used for fair and proper therapy. We offer a system approach - the program MIND & BODY DETOX.
Given the growing body of evidence that our body and mind are inextricably linked, we have developed a system that allows us to simultaneously address the physical and mental state of man as a holistic system to achieve a "COMPLETE DETOX".

One of the most effective innovations in detoxification is the MIND & BODY DETOX test for self-assessment before detox, developed by our experts to help people determine exactly where in their lives there may be imbalances and everything that (initially) seems unrelated is transformed in a holistic picture of his today and tomorrow. Many factors are analyzed - from the color of food on your plate to the possible deficiency of vitamins, sleep, your attitude to work, spiritual practices (or lack thereof), and so on.
The program provides deep cleansing and is designed for 21 days. Detox during this time guarantees a high result. Our doctors will offer methods of healing both Western and Eastern medicine.

The purpose of nutrition in this program is to eliminate toxins, as well as improve the body's absorption of trace elements and vitamins. The program provides bioenergy, drainage, hydropower treatment that stabilizes the natural metabolism and restores the vital forces of the body. The individual course of treatment is carried out under the constant supervision of medical staff. The program is basic in a series of detoxification programs and provides that the guest may be a beginner, or, conversely, not the first time facing a recovery course and immersed in the deeper principles of detoxification and correction of metabolism.

It offers comfortable rooms of levels from Standard to Suite with sea view, a green area of the sanatorium with its own beach for hiking and climatotherapy, two swimming pools, a gym, and delicious balanced food.
In our sanatorium it is possible to have a rest and to recover all family, in particular, with small children. All conditions for full rest, treatment and rehabilitation are created.
For free treatment and rejuvenation, you can book babysitting services per hour at the SUN MARINE Resort Hotel (for children from 3 years old).

The cost of programs from 200 euros / week. 

* Prices are in euros for guests from Europe. Payment is made in UAH at the rate of the NBU at the time of payment.

The sea heals everything! 


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